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Crossfire recognizes graduation class (Updated 4/23)
Crossfire's Collegiate Commitment List 2010



Crossfire Premier would like to congratulate all of the players that have committed to playing collegiate soccer in the fall of 2010. So far there are 51 players in the 2010 Crossfire graduating class that have made their decisions. We expect additional players to select their college of choice in the coming weeks.

Luke Nagevine                  Point Loma Nazarene University
Renato Bandeira                                       Seattle University
Allie Beahan                                  University of Washington
Kayla Beer                          Western Washington University
Kate Bennett                    University of California - Berkley
Julia  Besagno                                          Seattle University
Britney Boler                University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff
Selena Boro                                Frankin & Marshall College
Lindsey Bos                                   University of Washington
Erin Bourguignon                 Eastern Washington University
Molly Boyd                                     University of Washington
Lena Cardoso                                            Wellesley College
Amanda Dahl                             University of North Dakota
Lindsay Elston                              University of Washington
Kodey Eley                                     Evergreen State College
Abby Glasgow                California State University - Chico
Maggie Graham                              Northwestern University
Sabrina Grandke-Bawab   Montana  State University Billings
Heidi Greenback                Montana State University Billings
Quin Grisham                                   University of Washington
Leifur Gunnarsson                            University of Washington
Mary Hill                                                       Seattle University
Alexa Hughes                                            Marshall University
MacKenzie Hughes                                        Whitman College
Taylor Hutchens                                     Northwest University
Emily Hurd                                             Penn State University
Sierra Keeler                                                  Colorado College
Liam Kelly                                                Creighton University
Alexes Lopez-Shaw                                         Naval Academy
Maya Marder                                            Columbia University
Bradley McIntosh                                                            UCLA
Niccolo Piacentini                            University of Washington
Courtney Pixler                                     University of Alabama
Josh Phillips                                          University of Portland
Spencer Richey                    University of Washington
Alli Risa                                             Whitman College
Kelyn Rowe                                                          UCLA
Erin Ryan                                     American University
Jack Ryan                                      Stanford University
Stine Schoening              University of North Carolina
Kellie Shreve                                 Gonzaga University
Annie Sittauer                      University of Washington
Joshua Smith                        Oregon State University
Kajsa Sporseen                   Portland State University
Kory Spotts                     University of North Carolina
Simone Sterling                                Xavier University
Lindsay Stoll                  Washington State University
Brianna Sweeney                  University of Washington
Taylor Thomas                                   Whitman College
Jordon Zogg                          Humbolt State University
Gab Zaccagnini          Western Washington University


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